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During the first four years of life, the most neuronal connections are generated.  This period, the one in which the brain is formed, is perfect for presenting children with as much information as possible within friendly and familiar environments, making each quotidian moment a learning space.  In the first years of life, the brain of a child is like a sponge; it absorbs all of the information it is presented with and it is able to store that information easily, which makes it easy to link one area of learning to another.  Some experts claim that children exposed to various languages are more creative and develop stronger communication and problem solving abilities, which in turn creates better writers and readers.

For a child, learning a new language is an exciting experience that makes him/her feel very proud of themselves along with preparing them with multiple abilities that will benefit them in their performance in school.  The programs in Maria’s Friends have the objective of initiating the learning process of the Spanish language in a way that is the most attractive to children; through play.  Through this method, they will easily be structuring forming a permanent Spanish vocabulary.  The earlier on children are presented with activities in other languages, the more effective the results will be.  They will acquire a repertoire of vocabulary that will allow them to feel comfortable enough that they will be encouraged to practice the language in environments different than those in Maria’s Friends.