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The role of this mother and educator is to plan, coordinate and lead children and parents in (playful) activities with the objective of having fun moments that will strengthen their relationships, improve the child’s mental abilities and structure an adequate vocabulary in Spanish in accordance to the child’s age during each session.  It is known that anything that represents fun and play is more attractive for a child and therefore they will respond with greater levels of attention, participation, motivation and comprehension.  A child’s initiation to bilingualism must be done in the most natural way possible, and there is nothing more natural for a child than that which they find entertaining.  This is why the essence of the teaching of a new language will be to PLAY.  “To learn by playing” will become the mantra for this program, in which the following building steps of learning will be taken into account:

  • Observe and listen
  • Comprehend and apply
  • Speak
  • Read
  • Write